Pharmacist salary at all time low, what are your thoughts?  


Andrea Yeung
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26/03/2019 2:55 pm  

Despite the new PharmD program, LD is offering ~$28/hr (which is less than what a regulated tech makes), do you feel that you are being adequately compensated for your services? If not, what alternate profession are you considering? Would you consider going into Med or Dent, or do plumbing at BCIT?

Chris Duke
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30/03/2019 12:44 pm  

Hey Andrea,

Good critical questions. 

1) Compensated; that's a tough term! Depends on the value you place upon yourself and that in which you are given.

For myself, "compensation" is a big picture... it's salary, experience/insight, healthcare team, and interaction with the patient. It's also work-life balance, ability to do international work, pursue continuing education, comfortable environment, and be able to leave work at work. Based on shadowing/interning at hospital (where I'd like to be), I can say it appears I'd be adequately compensated. If I had to choose an alternate profession though, probably Medicine, Psychology Counselling, Kinesiology.

I'd caution on using "wage" and wage comparisons as a metric of compensation. Wage depends on the location, services offered and is only a small part of the picture. Rural Community/Hospital Pharmacists can net >$50/hr with benefits/bonus. Plumbers/Trades can make huge salaries in rural/pipeline locations. Doesn't mean I'm picking up a pair of overalls, a wrench and jumping on goombas up to Northern Alberta.

TLDR: Yes, adequately compensated.

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