What is something you could change about the way you interact with physicians?  


John Liu
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21/03/2019 10:46 pm  

I've heard a pharmacist tell me they wish they could get access to the patient's diagnosis when they get a script. Does anyone else feel this way? (Or do you already get access to that information? I'm not sure).

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26/03/2019 9:49 am  

Yes, we would love to have it. And no, we never get access to that information unless doctors write it on the script, for example, hydromorphone for pain. It would definitely be helpful if the diagnosis is provided on the script so that we can double check for you whether the dose is appropriate for that condition, as well as provide additional education to the patient if needed. I've seen numerous high dose amoxicillin prescriptions being prescribed to children but often times we don't know the diagnosis, so all we could do was to check multiple references on multiple conditions to see if it exceeds the safety limit. And also, patients are often confused about their conditions, it would be helpful if the diagnosis is written on the script so that we could provide the patient a second opportunity for further counselling. 

Chris Duke
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04/04/2019 12:34 am  

Hey John & jmpd, 

This reminds of Alberta's NetCare. It's a forward-thinking progressive healthcare service, an electronic medical record (EMR) which can be accessed by healthcare practitioners within the province. It's similar to PharmaNet, in that confidentiality is maintained through registered users and tracking access to patient records. Prevents over-curious healthcare providers. 

NetCare helps maintain continuity of care when a patient transfers between healthcare practitioners. This can be as simple as going from General Practitioner to Pharmacist, or from multiple levels of Hospital Care (e.g Primary, Secondary, Tertiary).

To answer your question: Yes. Many pharmacists feel this way. Hence they worked with other disciplines to forge NetCare. Potentially coming soon to BC? (Who knows!)

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